Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica
Condominium Project

Our newest project is a 28 unit eco-friendly condominium, which we own and are developing on the Pacific coast in Flamingo, Costa Rica. The overall site plan clusters the five, six story buildings so there is a maximum amount of open green space.

Nestled into the hillside, the condominium units are oriented to take full advantage of extraordinary views while at the same time incorporating many sustainable design features. These include using ICF, insulated concrete forms, which have an R-Value of 22, and low-e insulated windows to conserve electricity by reducing the amount of air conditioning used.

The project features green roof garden systems that will absorb up to 70% of the rainfall & greatly decrease storm runoff. We are also building a sanitary waste system, that through biological methods, purifies gray water to 98% purity. This purified water will then be used to water the project's landscaping, which will cut the need for fresh water used in that system by 40%.

Solar hot water heating systems will generate power for common area use requirements as well as for domestic hot water for the individual units.

For more information on Puerta del Mar, you may call our office, and look for our link to the project's website which is currently under development.