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We have been involved in green design and sustainable building since 1979. The first homes we built were passive solar, energy efficient custom designs. They followed simple design and construction principles that are still relevant today. Our early designs, built over 25 years ago, have a proven track record of energy efficiency and livability.

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From our earliest beginnings, we were always looking for new materials and building components to provide our clients with the most reasonable solution to reduce energy consumption. We started this process with site selection, building orientation, and basic design tools studied in architecture school.

Today we can draw on our experience and knowledge, from the last three decades, to incorporate the latest in energy efficient materials, system components, and sustainable design ideas into our overall philosophy of the built environment.

In today's environment there are many more tools available to assist us in the design and construction of our projects. We study numerous new products and building systems to determine which will work in helping us to provide our clients with the most cost effective solution.

Our work in this field is ever expanding and can range from simple energy saving options to a complete building system.

Services offered in the design and construction of energy efficient buildings:

• Passive solar homes
• ICF -insulated concrete forms building system
• Sustainable design solutions
• Green Living roof systems
• Low water consumption
• Rainwater retention
• Solar hot water systems
• Referral to local leaders in photovoltaic designs & installations

A passive solar house we are currently designing

We are presently designing two projects using ICF - Insulated Concrete Forms as the main structural element. We firmly believe that this building system is one of the most energy efficient, structurally sound, and sustainable materials available to the client and builder.