Design / Build

We are Architects & Builders

Our earliest business plan reflected our desire to "push the design envelope" and be able to provide unique design solutions to the built environment. Our design skills combined with our lifelong association with the construction industry, has enabled us to combine these two talents to offer our clients a true design / build service.

The fact that we are architects, as well as builders, provides our clients the opportunity to work with the same team of professionals from the initial design concept straight through to the final constructed project.


From the onset of the design process we work with our clients to offer different design possibilities, selection of building materials and construction systems, while providing preliminary cost estimates. This interwoven design / build system helps to ensure that each project comes in at budget and on time.

The blending of the architectural and construction elements into a seamless process, has aided many of our past clients. This one stop design / build service helps save valuable time as well as money.

We have been providing this type of service for our clients for three decades. The majority of our work over this time has been accomplished by using the design / build method.

We welcome all types of building projects. We specialize in the unique.